28102213-silouette-of-a-man-in-lotus-meditation-position-with-seven-chakras-on-flowing-rainbow-energy-backgroThe Native American Energy Work focuses on the chakras so as to repair and attune them back into a natural state of harmony and balance.  This is primarily done with Earth Medicine, and specifically medicine pouches of gem stones and energy transfer that work with each individual chakra and the system as a whole.  This technique heals each chakra and enhances the connection to each adjacent chakra, thus aligning all major chakras to optimize energy flow and boost essential life force within the physical body.

... Bags - Back Packs - Cotton, Suede, Velveteen Bags - Organza Pouches<b>Healing</b> <b>Stones</b>, <b>Crystals</b> & Pendulums

The chakras and meridians are then infused with White Healing Light (and whatever other gifts Spirit provides) to enhance the process and to fill any voids that might occur as a result of any extractions performed during the healing (removal of any intrusive or negative energies).  The Light also assists you to “reprogram” the chakras and gently seal the energetic body.

In addition to the major chakras, I will help you to clear all your minor chakras as well, and complete the healing by cleansing your aura or energetic field with sacred herbs (smudging ritual).26779897-frankincense-myrrh-sandalwood-incense-cones--cedar-leaf-and-smudge-stick-over-lokta-paper-backgroundThe Energy/Chakra Healing is included in the Shamanic Healing.




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