04730cf8 The word “Shaman” is derived from the language of the Tungus people of Siberia, which is assumed to be the point of origin of Shamanism.  The word came to be applied to all medicine men and women of indigenous cultures who’s practice includes the flight of the soul.   Shamans were referred to “ones who know,” or “wise ones” because of their ability to shift consciousness beyond the physical and “walk between the worlds.”  Shamans work with Spirit or the soul.  Healing is done at a soul or energetic level, which then manifests outwardly to the physical level.

A Shaman is primarily a healer—a catalyst of healing for the mind, body and the soul or spirit—a healer of the total body system and subsystems.  By stepping outside of the ordinary consciousness into the spiritual realm, the shaman journeys to retrieve information through communication with Spirit.

The intent and purpose of the Shamanic Healing ritual is to heal, re-balance, restore and heal heart, mind, soul and body.  Shamanic healing has always gone beyond merely restoring physical health, and encompassed the concept of being completely whole—mind, body, and soul.  Ancient cultures recognized that problems at a soul level cause disharmony or dis-ease to manifest as physical symptoms or conditions.  When the harmony was restored, physical health was also restored.  When the mind-body-soul was appropriately connected and aligned, the result was good health.

45130031-body-spirit-mind-balanceThus, Shamanic healing involves recognizing that the core or root cause—the point of origin for any dis-ease, may likely be spiritually, emotionally, and/or psychologically based; and more than just the body system may be affected.  Heal the soul and the body will follow suit.  “As within, so without.”

Part of this holistic/spiritual healing would also involve helping the patient to change thought patterns and/or lifestyles…both which contribute to the physical manifestations of illnesses, aches, pains and dis-ease in the body.  The Shaman is also keenly aware that the healing does not emanate from him, but that he is only the conduit for Spirit to work its miracles, to cure, heal and make whole.

A patient may be counseled to use their condition to learn; any problematic condition on a spiritual level is also an opportunity to gain knowledge and to evolve.  Thus, any dis-ease is not merely just something to be rid of, but might be viewed as a teacher whose lesson allows us growth along with the healing.


Our biography becomes our biology.  Each healing is a multi-faceted, tailor-made experience fashioned and directed by Spirit for the individual.  The practitioner may work to extract intrusive, stagnant or displaced energies, and return lost power (or even power animals), original essences and life forces so the patient is enabled to live a more vital life.

Sometimes one may experience an abstraction, or the loss or absence of an essential quality or perhaps even a soul fragment (soul retrieval).  What is lost or missing is restored to bring back necessary balance and harmony within the soul/physical body.

Energetic blocks are usually the result of patterns established by major events that occurred in this life time, or in past lives.  These patterns may also be based in negative, flawed or outdated belief systems or programming.  Whatever these blocks may be, they tend to impede or even prevent you from flowing in the present moment, enjoying life, reaching your goals, and even being happy and whole.

Energy blocks can be cleared.  Limiting belief systems can be untangled.  Old patterns and in-completion (current and other life) can be reprogrammed and healed.  Life contracts can be dissolved or rewritten so one can begin with a clean slate free of some of the karmic debt and baggage they have been carrying.  All of which opens one up to their full potential again.

The shamanic healing allows you to become a “clean slate” again without the excessive emotional, spiritual and even karmic baggage that may burden you now.  This opens you up to real free will choices and pure potential, moving ahead in life in a more positive manner with a re-energized life force.


A healing session may include some or all of the above, or it may take an entirely different direction.  Each healing is unique according to the patient, the issues, and how the Holy Healing and Doctoring Spirits choose to administer the healing.

As opposed to modern Western medicine that produces one cure for the many, a shamanic healing provides an exclusive treatment that holistically speaks to whatever a person needs the most at that point in time.  Such experiences could range from the subtle to the miraculous, but they always bring about a sense of well-being and needed change; and leads to the transformation of mind, body and soul approaching true holistic health.


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