The Shamanic Journey, similar to meditation, is a tool for spiritual growth and self-exploration.  It is also a tool that can be used for healing, obtaining spiritual guidance, and working through challenging time.  Whatever the intention, the goal of the journey is to receive direct revelation from Spirit.

This an open circle connecting like-minded individuals with the intention of supporting our practice of self-knowledge and as wisdom keepers for the future generations.

Our practice will include smudging, drumming and shamanic journeys, as well as a discussion forum for sharing your journeys during our time together.

For those interested in learning about and how to journey, the circle is a great way to learn and connect with the spiritual community.  It tends to be easier to learn this technique in a group dynamic, and the effectiveness of shamanic work, including the journeying, is often magnified when performed in a group setting.

Contact Steve for information about the Introduction to the Shamanic Journey, and joining our Arkansas Shamanic Journey Circle  that meets monthly in the Little Rock area.

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